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Scott Lindquist


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Scott Lindquist (Owner/Founder) grew up as an adventurist in the Pacific Northwest and worked in the Alaska commercial fishing industry for most of his career. His first experience to the north was given by his brother, Mike, who presented an opportunity to board a 155-foot wooden ship, named M/V Aleutian Dragon, that was docked in Ballard, Washington. The M/V Aleutian Dragon was headed north, to Alaska, to process Herring and Copper River Red Salmon in Prince William Sound.

During this time, Scott saw his first iceberg, in front of Columbia Glacier, in 1981 and was overcome by their purity and beauty. After requesting that the Captain steer closer,  he had the opportunity to chip-off a chunk of iceberg. He was amazed at the density of such a small piece of ice. Holding the mini iceberg up to the sun, Scott looked through it and could see crystals, prisms, and small compressed air bubbles trapped inside the ice.

At that moment, Scott knew he had to share this precious commodity with the world. 

Harvesting glacier ice has not only allowed Scott to share incredible tales of adventure, but to also allow people to experience and capture the essence of raw, preserved beauty. A purity that is distinctly different from other man-made, engineered products.

In 1996 Scott sold his first piece of ice in Munich, Germany and the vision began. In 2010, The Alaska Distillery contacted Scott to partner in making their local vodka. Have you ever tried Smoked Salmon Vodka? It was produced by Scott. During this time, glacial ice also entered the Japanese market. Scott continued his passion for the food & beverage industry and was featured in the Animal Planet's reality show, "Alaska Proof." 

Scott has now returned to his passion, harvesting Alaska Glacial Ice and sharing its purity with the world. Look for our product in 5-Star whisky and scotch bars around the globe.