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Quick to Chill Slow to Melt

From Glacier to Glass

At the face of any tidewater glacier, a lens of freshwater (like a lake) sits on top of the heavier saltwater. More salinity than freshwater, but not as much as seawater. Salinity levels diluted unable to support saltwater fish or krill. Only Icebergs live at the face of tidewater glaciers.

The environment surrounding a glacier is not effected by iceberg harvesting. Only free-floating icebergs (regulated amount) can be taken. We cannot touch the physical glacier or use explosives. TWUP A2015-08 regulated by the State of Alaska DNR Water Division. 

Have questions about Alaskan Glaciers, Icebergs, Iceberg Meltwater or DDW  (deuterium depleted water) please send your questions to 

What To Expect Using Fed Ex UPS DHL

 $2.25 per  7 ounce Single Piece or 3.5 ounce 55mm Glacial Sphere.

  • Creating a Glacial Ice Sphere from an iceball-press requires 7 ounces of raw GLACIAL cocktail ice

  • Glacial ice is pressed into a 55mm ice sphere, the ultimate beverage ball weighing 3.5 ounces.

  • Spheres have more volume than surface area, thus a slower melting rate

  • FACT; gourmet single cube ice is trying to mimic the slow melt rate of  Natural Glacial Ice. 

  • Hand-Cut Single Piece weighs 7 ounces and is a prehistoric looking jewel that has trapped air inside the ice 

  • "Bergy Seltzer" natural effervescence from heavily compressed snowflakes, mini time capsules retaining the ancient air

  • 16 pieces (2 packages of 8 = 7 lb.)  ( 16 - 7 ounce single piece or 3.5 ounce sphere)  16 x $2.25 = $36.00

  • Cold Box 19'' x 11'' x 8''                   1.5 lb

  • Foil Insulation                                  .5 lb

  • Gel-Paks                                         2.5 lb

  • GLACIAL cocktail ice                    7.0 lb 

TOTAL WEIGHT          11.5 lb  Typically  Fed Ex  charges  $11.00 per pound for "Fed Ex First Overnight Service"  

FED EX Charge                                     $ 126.50   ($7.90 per piece)

GLACIAL cocktail ice                          $  36.00   ($2.25 per piece) 

Typical TOTAL      $162.00   divide $162.00 by 16 = $ 10.15  per piece

Have your own Fed Ex UPS or DHL overnight service account? the price might drop dramatically, GLACIAL Cocktail Ice $2.25 per piece, 16 minimum you provide the shipping. 



$ 10.15 per piece using traditional FED EX  First Overnight Service to your door by 10:00 am 

$  2.25 per piece use a personal or company FED EX Overnight Shipping Service Account


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